Friday, December 17, 2010

How It's Been in 2010!

I must say it is a lot harder to start blogging once you haven't posted in a bigillion years. First semester has quickly come to an end and many new memories have been formed. It is mind boggling to think that I'll be graduating in the spring. It's adult life for me.. I might have to start acting like a grown up and I must say, that's pretty intimidating. For the time being I'm deciding to focus on the here and now and enjoy the time I have with my friends and college family.

I have thoroughly enjoyed how Keegan, Jason, Ruben, Preston, Daniel, and I's relationship has continued to grow. I love these kids. We started off the semester trying to act out the Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing. It was a valiant effort. We are better than Shakespeare anyway. =P As shown in our last post we visited the beach... We've continued teaching Sunday school... And done MANY MANY MANY MANY more extremely riveting events that would blow your mind if I described them.. So we will just skip that part.

Pictures speak thousands of words anyway, right?

Halloween- This year we had the opportunity to really demonstrate our pumpkin carving skills. Keegan, being Batman, naturally created her sign. 

Keegan was a loooooovely lady bug for Halloween.

My best friend Ruben and I switched identities for a night. 
He was me and I was him. =]

Many people said I pull off a beard really well.. I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing. =]

We had a SNOW DAY! 
Even though we didn't have that much snow, school was still canceled and joy filled the air.

I know this isn't the best picture to put up here... but... It makes me laugh every time.

We just so happen to have a lot of foreign exchange students on campus who just so happen to smoke a lot... who also just so happen to be extremely fascinated by snowmen. This is the result. 

Keegan and I like to climb on each other's shoulders when hanging out. It's what we do.

Keegan is still basketballing it up. She of course is doing AWESOME!!! All of us are extremely proud of her and envy her incredible skills. 

Preston was so enthusiastic about Keegan's first game that he painted his face. Thanks to those tricky mirrors.. He sported UCN! on his face.. =P NCU... UCN... Close enough. 

Preston was actually able to come back with Megan and I to Whidbey Island for the beginning of the break!

Here is an awesome video from the beach a bigillion years ago... 
Smoking Snowmen and now this? College sure does change us. =P haha Just Kidding

Hopefully I will get better at blogging again... No promises. =]
Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Christmas break!



  1. first of all, i would just like to say that I like the new lay out. It says, "Year 2 at NCU." Secondly, I love that you jacked most of these pictures from my facebook. Thirdly, that video is frickin hilarious hahahaha i can't believe we did that hahaha. Good times, Good times. Fourthly and most importantly, I think it is imperative to the integrity of this blog that you tell the TRUE story of how that poor snowman became a victim of nicotine addiction.

  2. hahahahahaha...
    True story? What are you implying? Keegan, I bet you walked up to the snowman.. saw the cigarette laying there next to him.. made a hole in his mouth with one of his branch arms.. stuck the cigarette in his mouth.. put his arm back in place.. took the picture.. laughed a lot.. and then threw the cigarette away in the trash. Not to give too many details or be too specific.. but that does sound like something you would have done. =P
    I like the Year Two at NCU. It has a nice ring to it. It almost like rhymes.. =]
    I know.. I stole most of the pictures.. It's just that I'm horrible at taking pictures.. That's why we make such a great team.
    I have more videos from the beach but felt this one captured our personalities the best. =]oh Jason. haha

  3. I second what Keegan said! The blog's makeover looks pretty snazzy and I love how you highlighted a few of the more hilarious moments from the semester:) Oh man that beard! It gets me every time and Lindsey, you do look pretty cute in a beard... :)jk

  4. Haha.. thanks. I guess I'll just have to grow a beard out more often. =P

    Hahah.. Sorry, if I wasn't suppose to blog about that. =] I didn't have much to work with. =]