Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Wow, Roommate Moment!

It happened again! Keegan and I had a roommate moment even with all this distance between us! If it wasn't apparent before it should be now... It is destiny that Keegan and I are roommates. We both posted about the same time talking about dogs. Even with not seeing each other or communicating our brains and hearts are still so closely intertwined. It is meant to be. I miss my dear friend. 

Keegan, I can't wait until we can be reunited once again and more magical, monumental roommate moments can happen! 



Dog-gone Tired.

As I sit here working on my Biological Psychology homework (over Spring Break!) I was reminded of an awesome video that I was showed in class. Narcoleptic Dogs! There are several videos out there that capture dogs, goats, or people who just fall asleep in the middle of an activity. I think this video captures it well.

Greetings from Lisle and Gretle

No, my dogs are not narcoleptic but they are a lot cuter than the dachshund in the video. 

Have a great day! It's back to Eugene for me, TOMORROW!!!


Desert Adventures with Luke & Daisy (and Keegan)

Hello there! Well, Lindsey has been posting up a storm so I figured I had better update everybody too. Unfortunately, Lindsey seems to be having a much more exciting break than I am, which is cool because I like having time to kick back and do nothing :)

My mom and dad both have to work during the day and my brother is back in school so it's just me and the dogs here at home. Luke and Daisy are both yellow labs and the best dogs ever. Luke is a big boy, about 115 lbs. and Daisy is much smaller and man is she quick! Since all they do is follow me around the house and stare at me during the day, I decided they needed some exercise (so did I). We have a big open wash (area where water can pool to prevent flooding when it rains here) by our house and its fenced in so it's perfect for a few rounds of fetch! Both dogs love their tennis ball, however, nobody loves it quite like Daisy. She's so much faster than Daisy that when I throw the ball, Luke just trots after her and then trots back and pretends that he helped :) After I had worn the dogs out a bit we walked back home and they both decided they needed to cool down in the pool. Our pool is still really cold but the dogs are like polar bears! They swim year round!

Also, on our walk I took some "scenary" photos so that all of you silly northwesterners could know what desert landscaping is and what a SAGUARO is. See photos and videos below. much love!

The dogs like to help my dad work on the car in the garage
This is a big Saguaro cactus, it's pronounced SA-WAR-OH.
This one is probably only 20 years old, since it doesn't have any "arms"
This is pretty typical front-yard landscaping. There's a mesquite tree and assorted cacti and gravel.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Today most of my family and I went on a hike to Goose Rock. It is a great and glorious trek but man are some parts steep. My mom decided to take us up her own special path to Goose Rock. Never Again! =] Haha.

I will just post tons of pictures and videos for this post... It's really the only thing that can capture our time.

Woodpeckers really liked this tree. 

At the TOP!

My loving brother, Stevie. 

Get Him Every Time. 

My favorite little sister. =]

She is so cool. 

Her and I are definitely related.

Carly, Mom, and Stevie.

They act too cool for school, but they love family bonding time. =]

Good ole ocean how I have missed you.

When Stevie was hiding in the bushes he looked just like an ewok from star wars. hahaha

So many pictures! Now for videos! 

Stevie also decided to parkour it up on the summit. Hahah If you are wondering what parkour is just watch the office clip below; it explains it very well. 

Stevie's Version:


Don't judge us, we are a very crazy and different family. 

We are so weird.....

I'm not actually mad at Stevie in this video.. haha. It's all for show.. Don't worry I'm not that obnoxious to him...usually =]

I hope you enjoyed this picture and video filled blog. Those, if any, who read our blog and aren’t followers yet, I encourage you to JOIN! We won’t judge you if you join and we don’t know you… It will actually make our day. So follow a way! We would to be encouraged and supported in our Oregonian adventures!

Peace and Love!

Oh geeez...

As good as it is to be back home... I miss the Sunday NCU band.
Today is the first Sunday in a long time that the whole gang hasn't gotten together. Jason is with a friend in Oregon, Daniel is at home, Preston is off in Costa Rica, Keegan is in Arizona, and I am here in Washington. We are all split up in different directions. Summer is going to be difficult.

I really missed the NCU band today when I wore heels. All my friends back here in Washington are so short compared to the NCU squad. I never realized it... I wore little 1-2 inch heals today and people FREAKED OUT! I got called a Giant and continuous comments were made about my lengthy, skyscraper height. I FELT like a Giant. Oh geez.. Keegan is 6' 3", Daniel is around 6' 4" maybe, Preston is 6' 2" possibly, and Jason is about 5'11". I am barely 5'10"- without my heals. I never realized just how normal that group makes me feel. Hahah. I can wear heels and still not be as tall as them. I am just so blessed with new, tall friends =P

 Soon we shall all be reunited once again; what a glorious day it shall be.

These videos don't capture the entirety of my Washingtonian friends' dance moves... but here's a glimpse. Oh the joys of fellowship and dancing. =]


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh OakTown, How I Love Thee

I made it home! 

I endured the long expedition from Eugene to Home all by my lonesome. Six hours of nonstop driving, sitting, concentrating, and singing. Thank goodness for music. It is the fiber of my being, the spring to my step, the love of my very existence... Haha.. Well maybe not that extreme, Jesus is still and will forever be number one. =P

Oh man, it was great pulling into my hometown and seeing the "Honda Crew."
Good Ole Honda Crew.

Honda Crew: kids that are stuck in this town, going no where, but think they are too cool for school because they all have Honda "racing" cars.

They regularly meet outside some grocery store and chill.

They use to chill outside Albertsons but got banned for loitering so they now loiter at Safeway. While making my way back home, it was very comforting and reassuring that I was back in my home town when I laid eyes on the wonderful beauty of run down Honda cars and smoking, too cool for school kids.

 Although I haven't seen him in awhile... Maybe I will be fortunate enough to spot the CAT MAN who inhabits this great little town. A Cat Man sighting is very special and will be a moment you shall never forget.

Last I heard, Cat Man was working at getting actual cat pelts imbedded into his skin.

Oh how I love thee home.



Friday, March 19, 2010

Winners, Winners, Winners!

!!!!!!!!!!SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!





Thanks for your prayers!
Keep reading! We admire your loyalty!!

(Don't forget to check the last new blog posted!!)

No Way Jose!

Hahahaha.. Here at NCU we have some of the greatest chefs in the world!
Brandon, Bill, Jose, Adolfo, Fabian, and Lalo are a great team. Since the beginning of this semester, every meal I would draw a glorious, exquisite picture for the chefs. These pictures at first were simple but they soon escalated to extreme heights when Jose brought in color pencils for me to draw with. I would seriously spend 30 minutes talking to the chefs and drawing and then quickly gobble up food. It has been a couple weeks since I have drawn for the chefs but I continue to hang out with them and practice my spanish with Jose.

At night Jose usually does his homework in the cafeteria, so once in a while I will do my homework down there with him.

Jose loves Hindi music. He has shown me on several occasions, youtube music videos of his favorite songs.
This last one he showed me CRACKED ME UP! He agreed that it's a funny song. He also stated that Keegan and I needed to do our own version of this music video. We need to dance and recreate it. As good as Keegan and I are at remaking things and having them be better I think we are going to have to say: NO WAY JOSE! On this one. hahah..

I'm trying to convince Jason and Preston to take up this task... It'll work one of these days.

Check out this guy's awesome dance moves! Hahah.. this video is hilarious. haha

Monday, March 15, 2010

"Can I gwoosh yer dar?"

This weekend was great but long. I babysat for a family I had never met before and they were a great family.  On Saturday I babysat Makenna (2 ½) and Mason (5) from 1:30 to 8! Oh geez what a day!  My whole day consisted of many episodes of Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry, Play Dough, and coloring.

Makenna was in love with play dough. We made many things; constructing pizzas, people, stars, and noodles. Haha. It was so cute. I made some stars with my playdough and she asked if she could have some of my stars. I of course gave her some… and little bit later I hear her say “Can I gwoosh yer dar?” “What?” I asked “Can I gwoosh yer dar” she repeated. OHHHH…. “Can you squish my star? Oh course you can”. Haha.. I love little kids and their developing language. She was very cute though and very polite.

PlayDough Creation!

~Drawing Time~

I love little kids and the things they try to get away with. Haha. Mason after dinner asked if he could have a cookie. When I agreed he proceeded to ask me if he could have two cookies.

Me: “How many cookies does your mom usually let you have?”
Mason: “2”
Me: “I don’t think that’s the truth”
Mason: “Ok, here is the truth.. .She lets us have three cookies”
Me: “How do I know you are telling me the truth now since you lied to me before?”
Mason: “Ok, here is the truth… (Sigh)… only one.”

Haha.. like I said. I love little kids.

Just last week when Keegan, Preston, Jason, and I taught Sunday school, we had a couple kids try to convince us that they always go out to Recess. “We always go play tag and run around outside.” Keegan was sure to question these couple kids and found that they weren’t being the most truthful bunch. We found it pretty ironic since the lecture for the day was all about how when we lie we hurt those we should care the most about and how with our lies we create a sticky web. One day they’ll get it… or let’s hope so =P
This last Sunday the NCU BAND really had its moment to shine. At church and with our adoptive parents we are actually called the NCU band. Keegan, Daniel, Jason, Brittany, and I all did worship for church. That went great. We were short a piano player (Preston) because he went home to record for the weekend, but we managed. =]

On Tuesday Keegan and I have our interviews for the Resident Assistant job for next year. Be praying for us! We hope we get the positions!
In less than a week Keegan and I split ways for a week and go back to our homes!! Can anyone say “Spring Break”?  



Thursday, March 11, 2010

National Random Blog!

Hello All!

I have officially decided that it is National Random Blog of the Month! This blog is completely and entirely dedicated to the randomness in this world. Most of the things Keegan and I encounter in our Oregonian wilderness adventures happens to be just that; RANDOM. It's about time a blog was dedicated to such a concept.

These are some of the things we experienced over our weekend.

1. "How's Dat Ice Cream Treating U Guuurrl?

Last Friday, a group of us decided to watch the movie UP. Before venturing to the the guys' lounge to watch this picture film, Preston, Keegan, and I decided that ice cream was in order. Keegan and I were makeup less, sweatpantified, and each one of our hairs was array. Well, on the way back we were almost captivated by the sweetest man with the most clever pick up line. Pffff.. NOT.
(Keep in mind that this guy was in the passenger seat of a car, stopped at a stop light)

Silly Head Man: "Hey Guurrl.. Do you reccommend the ice cream?" "What flavor did you get"
Keegan: "The good kind"
Silly Head Man: "Wait.. but what..." "Whaaaaatttt fllaaaavoorrrrr.... (his voice trailing off while the white SUV drove off when the light switched from red to green)

What a charmer that fellow is.

Hahaha.. Oh my. Guys out there... Asking Yelling stupid questions out of a car at a girl is NOT how you win them over.

Drunk Man... Have you ever been to Dairy Queen? Are you even American? How drunk are you?

These are some of the many questions we had for this buckaroo.

Overall, Ice Cream is great and guys not all of us girls are as naive as you may think.

2. "When You Lie, You Hurt Those You Should Care About the Most"

This Sunday, Keegan, Preston, Jason, and I all did Sunday school for the K-1st grade kids. We taught about the virtue of honesty and how we create a spiderweb of lies when we don't tell the truth. Keegan and I were so thankful that the boys helped us. We would have gone crazy for sure. Us four made a great tag teaming, truthful, fun bunch.

Having the little K-1st grade boys tell us they loved us definitely brightened our day and boosted our self confidence =]

3. Gill is Alive and Well

We have discovered that Gill the Beta has Terret syndrome. He frequently gets very violet in his little abode. We often hear him rustling around and twitching in his tank (Yes, we can actually hear him!). This video will show you a glimpse of his seizures and how much he loves us =]

Ohhh Geez. You Tube once again hates me. When will the hate stop?
Sorry.. just imagine a twitching fish in a bowl and that's gill =]

4. The Greatest Band of a Lifetime

After church this last Sunday we, as always, went to Daniel's house. It's always great getting the group together. This week we played outside a lot. It was our friendship/ band debut. We took many pictures of a wannabe, not even created band. This is the outcome. =] Enjoy!

In case you all were wondering what our friend Jason looks like... This is him!

I realized that most of the pictures we have don't include Jason.. We are going to have to change that. =]

Well the adventures keep coming and the craziness has only begun! Stay tuned for more extravagant tales to come!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colbie Caillat Concert!

Howdy! So this weekend Colbie Caillat was in Eugene for a concert and I went to see it with Jen and Randi and most of the basketball team. The only other concert I have ever been to was a Casting Crowns concert a few years back so I was pretty excited for this. I got my ticket about a month ago and I was lucky because the show quickly sold out! We got to the theatre 3 hours before the show started so we would get good "seats" (except the concert hall was standing room only so we just wanted to be as close to the stage as possible). We ended up right up against center stage!!!! It was so cool!!! Here are some of the pics I got with my cellphone and the video is a clip of her singing my favorite of her songs, "Fearless." At the end of the show she grabbed hands with the people closest to the stage and we got to shake her hand! (relax, i have since washed my hands, i am not a creeper)