Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here at NCU we have weekly "Beacon Nights." Every Friday the school has a special event planned for students to participate in. In the past we have gone ice skating, received free blizzards, listened to concerts and watched a NCU dating game. This week's beacon night is HALL MUSIC VIDEOS. This whole month each hall in the dorms have been preparing and recording segments for their videos. Burke Hall, the best hall in the world and also Keegan and I's hall is doing the song (Aaron's Party) Come Get it by Aaron Carter. I wish I could get each hall's videos up for you to watch but I only have a couple. =] Enjoy!



Chapman (Taylor swift song) won first place

BURKE (the best hall in the world aka ours) won second!!!

woot woot.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Going to the Chapel and We're NOT Going to get Married!

So this last Sunday was an adventure. I don't know how quite to begin. Should I start casually? Go right into it? Sigh. So many possibilities so little time. Well.. here goes nothing...

This last Sunday Jason and I had a great bonding moment for our friendship. He was on worship team this week and so went to church early and was up on stage. Keegan, myself, plus a couple extras sat in our row and saved some seats for Daniel and Jason to join us at later. When Jason sat by me in service he whispered, "I have a funny story to tell you later." Me, being the person that I am could barely wait to hear such a story. I'm very proud of myself, I made it through the whole sermon; making sure my curiosity didn't get the best of me.  After the service Jason began to tell me his story. It went a little something like this.

       Jason was singing next to a lady who was also on the worship team. After the first song, when everyone was greeting one another, she asked him, "So how's your wife doing?" If you don't already know, Jason is my age and certainly NOT married. His response told this unknowing lady just that. "Oh you don't have a wife? I just thought... I'm sorry... I saw you walking away with the dark haired girl and just assumed," she explained. "Which dark haired girl? The one over there in the pink?" Jason asked. When I turned my face back towards the stage the lady exclaimed, "Yes! That's the one!"

So... Jason and I were married and we never even knew. When he told me the story I tried making him give me his ring but he wouldn't buy it. Well Jason! IF YOU LIKED IT... YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT! We are so done. Even though Jason and I are were best friends... a DIAMOND is a girl's best friend. =P Just kidding! It's so great that Jason and I are such good friends.

This isn't the first time that this kind of thing has happened to us either. When we were doing a volunteer day with our school an older lady at the retirement center basically tried setting us up.

Old Lady: "Have you ever been to the lake?"
Me: "No I haven't. It sounds really nice though"
Old Lady: "Oh yes, you must go.. Have your boyfriend take you."
Me: "I don't have a boyfriend =/ "
Old Lady to Jason: "YOU can fix that can't you?"
Jason: "Yes ma'am" laughing awkwardly
Old Lady: "Good! And you MUST send me pictures and tell me all about it. You promise me that you will go?"
Jason and I: "Yes, we will go"

Oh my.

Jason and I both think each other are pretty great... but just friends =]
We'll stick to going to chapel and NOT getting married. =]

Tootaloo Kangaroos!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beach Trip!!

Hello beautiful people! Life is crazy and busy at NCU but we decided to take a break and go on adventure to the Florence with a group to celebrate a friend's birthday. Instead of being rainy, overcast and freezing cold like it normally is on the Oregon coast, it was sunny and gorgeous! It was such an amazing day and we played in the sand, some people even went in the water! Yikes! Preston, Lindsey, Mark and Nick had a competition to see who could get farthest in the water fully clothed (in jeans and nice shirts I might add). Lindsey's inner islander came out so, of course, she totally beat the boys. (They wouldn't like to admit that, some would probably deny her that victory, but it's our blog, we do what we want. check out the video and see for yourself. she makes an epic comeback) However, everybody got soaking wet anyway. Good thing some people remembered towels and extra clothes!! It was really cold water!!
There was a trail that we hiked so we could see a light house and everything was so beautiful! It was so nice to get off campus and enjoy God's awesome creation. After we watched the sunset we all headed to Mo's for some famous clam chowder bread bowls. Such a great day.
We took a lot of really amazing photos on this little outing and not all of them will fit on this page, but if you follow the link I LOVE COLLEGE it will take you to see the rest of the pictures from the beach trip and also from our superbowl party at the Jones' house! That was also a ton of fun, we played basketball outside under the stars, had a bet about the superbowl (Ruben won) and we napped (Josh Harman) in awkward postitions. Yay! Well we love you all and we're so glad we get to share our adventures with you! Who knows where we'll end up next (okay, it will probably be the Jones' residence because that's where we always end up hahahaha)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Done It?

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Everybody!!

This last Valentine’s Day was probably one of my most memorable Valentines I have had. 

Keegan, Preston and I all started our day by going to church. Giving that it was Valentine’s Day and Daniel's parents for some reason wanted one week without a house full of crazy college kids, we skipped our usual hang out Sunday this week. As Keegan and I got into the car after church we started to sob. The fact of not being able to see Mom2 and Dad2 (we have officially stolen Daniel's parents) this week crushed the only joy we had in life. However, then, right when we thought all hope was gone, we suddenly received a call.

Daniel called informing us that we had 3 1/2 hours to get all our homework done and then we could all go see a movie or something. We Ricky Raced back home and pounced on our homework. Because of my mounds of homework I knew I would need more than 3 1/2 hours. Therefore, around 3:30 we called Daniel and asked for more time. We then came up with a better plan!!!

      We all wanted to hangout but save money. Daniel and Preston invited us over for dinner and board games. This soon escalated to a CLUE Night! We told them we would give in to their CLUE theme if we all dressed up fancy and they had to serenade us =]. The deal was on!! =]

Keegan was Miss Scarlet, Preston was Colonel Mustard, Daniel was Professor Plum and I was Miss Peacock. The boys made us dinner and we brought dessert. When we got to the Jones' house we knew we were in for a big treat. They had decorated the whole house as a life size CLUE scenario!!!! This included, but was not limited to, labeled rooms, mysterious conversations, a homemade menu, and specialized place marks. 

  After we finished our spaghetti, green beans, and drinks (non alcoholic of course =P), we delighted ourselves with special bought, extremely delicious, one of a kindish, incredible, delectable, scrumptious, cheesecake. We then played clue (which I of course won =]) and then proceeded to watch an episode of Get Smart. 

(Daniel never seems to get in pictures... He's a bit shy)

   Overall it was a great Valentine's Day. Keegan and I are so blessed to have such a great group of friends that are as uh.... uh... hmm... imaginative... as us =]

(We are a great group)

Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum

Miss Peacock and Miss Scarlet

         We hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Please let us know what you did for Valentines this year... We are kind of feeling disconnected from the rest of the world (you guys). Even though we know your events won't be as cool as CLUE we would still love to hear =P

We miss you all! Keep reading. We'll post more frequently... I hope.

Miss Peacock and Miss Scarlet.... Signing Out. 

YAY!!! You Tube worked!!!  Here is Preston and Daniel serenading us twice =] Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Everyone! I am so sorry it has been so long. Life has become so busy that it’s hard to find time to do homework let alone blogging. Well obviously I made it back to school safely. On my road trip I was able to take my baby with me. Gill, my beta fish, and I made the trek together making sure that we blared our favorite Taylor Swift songs. Gill is now living comfortably with Keegan and I and loves lounging next to the microwave.

Hmm… Well I am taking 16 credits this semester. Most of my classes include psychology courses that have been so interesting to study. This semester I am putting a lot more into my classes and definitely getting a lot more out of it. I feel like I have learned so much more in these first couple weeks than what I learned all last semester. I have a job in the computer lab on campus which has been going great as well. It helps me set aside a time for homework while getting paid. It’s great. Since the beginning of the semester, my Tuesdays and Thursdays have consisted of trying to find a job. After my classes I stop by every store imaginable and ask for a job. I even asked at walmart! =[ **Words of advice which you probably know** DON’T APPLY AT WALMART IN EUGENE! It’s just gross.
However, I had no luck. I then decided to put an ad on Craiglist for a nanny position. God is so good! I was contacted. I met up with a mom that has three kids and I am watching her kids starting Friday. She has a 7, 6, and 2 year old. Wish me luck!
I also have joined several worship teams and am now a leader at my church’s youth group. So my life consists of full time school, all the homework that comes with that, 2 jobs, several worship teams and worship practices, youth group, and I am also leading a small group and captain of a intramurals basketball team. Busy, Busy, Busy.
Overall school is going great and I feel like I’m learning lots, in and outside the classroom.  I’ll try to blog more.. but we all know how that goes. =]
Peace, love and chicken grease.


I had a video for you all to watch.. but You Tube hates me. Sorry! Talk to you soon!