Monday, January 25, 2010

An informational blog about the fascinating geoduck

Hello faithful readers! Things have been crazy busy since school started back up, but your patience is about to be rewarded greatly! Okay, for starters, this first picture is from the U of O mens basketball game Lindsey and I went to on our first day of being reunited after a month of separation. (we are both fake-smiling in this pic) We got the tickets by doing women's work and buttering bread! haha! I actually mean that in a literal way...

Okay so this last weekend I went to the great state of Washington for a basketball trip. The first school we played was Evergreen State University and their mascot is the Geoduck. That's right folks, I said Geoduck. It is a clam/snail combination that lives in the Pacific Ocean. Oh Boy! It is U-G-L-Y!! And it can get up to 10 pounds! Nasty right? Who would want something that weird to be their mascot? I mean, the only thing that might be a little bit weirder is, like, a beacon or something. Geez. The video is the geoduck (pronounced "gooey-duck" b.t.w.) dancing at the men's game. Use your imagination! Peace out! Much love!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Baby Henry and Allie

 My little sister Carly and I finished making a video for out oldest sister Allie for Christmas. We redid Colbie Caillat's song Capri for her and our soon to be nephew Baby Henry. We can't wait to be aunts. We love them all so much. Happy 2010 everyone!


Hey folks! Happy January 3rd and Merry Sunday! Megan is heading to Uganda in two days! How exciting that is for her! Oh my.. Not much has happened since my last post. 
Happy NEW YEAR! 2010! For New Year's eve we had some friends over for a game and hang out night. It was great having my best friend Kristen over for the holidays. When we are together we are so hyper; practically on the obnoxious side. haha We look at our younger sisters and wonder how they could be so loud and crazy.. However, in reality, we are just like Carly and Renee all grown up. Haha.. Our mother's have their work cut out for them.  I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and videos!

Hahah.. This is one of my best friends. Haha.. these are the people I socialize with =]

My friend Kristen decided to model using a "seductive" pose...

When we asked Erik what he thought a "seductive" pose looks like... this was his result.


Winter Break Adventures & Fiascos!

Greetings Earthlings!

This is the story of Christmas Eve in Eugene:
I was crashing at the Jones' residence for a few days to escape the asylum the dorms had become. Too much peace and quiet doesn't do well on a person's mental state hahahaa...ha. Anyway, The Jones were kind enough to take me in. I helped Mrs. Jones bake Christmas cookies and hand out food at the local food pantry in Junction City--anything to keep my mind off the fact that I was going home on Christmas Eve for the first time in 4 months! Finally, the afternoon rolled around it was time to go the airport. I waited anxiously at my gate to board the plane only to hear an announcement on the intercom, "Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that this flight has been cancelled due to the fog. It will be rescheduled for tomorrow." Devastation. I called my family and then I called the Jones with tears welling up in my eyes and they rushed to get me and immediately took me in for Christmas eve. Bless their Hearts. So we ate and laughed and Daniel and I played legos with a 7-year-old boy from church, but Daniel and I had waaaaay more fun than he did. Beware of the Jade Plungaaaa!! Erm, anyway. Christmas morning I was at the airport at 4am and headed home finally. It certainly was a memorable Christmas!

When I returned to Eugene it was back to the basketball grind :) We had a short away trip first to Ashland, Oregon and then to Klamath Falls where we spent New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, we lost both of the games, but we had lot's of fun playing in the snow and bringing in the new year together.

It has been an adventure of a winter break, but I'm ready for everybody to come back! Especially my roomie! Classes start a week from tomorrow and I can't wait!
Much Love.