Friday, April 30, 2010



At 3:47 PM I received the glorious text from Preston informing me that



!yaD sdrawkcaB s'tI

Hello all!
As a way of celebrating or even just acknowledging that today was the last day of classes somehow we turned today into a "walking backwards" sort of contest. After the last chapel of the school year we (Ruben, Preston, Jason, and I) walked backwards to the cafeteria (and even tried frolicking/skipping). Little did we know that that short amount of time would turn into an all day event. It quickly and suddenly escalated to a competition of who could walk backwards the longest.

Oh goodness!

Today I really wished that God hadn't given me a competitive nature.

The Stares.. oh man.. The Questions..The responding..

Haha.. It was about 11:50am when this began and I have had lunch, 2 classes, and am currently at work now.

Ruben and I had class across campus and across the street. The busy 11th street never looked so amused and confused at the same time. Preston was so gung ho about this whole "battle." We quickly discovered that he was done with classes for the day. Sneaky little bugger (Don't worry we made Preston walk with us across campus and the busy intersection).

I feel like so many people are judging me.. even more so then before. haha. Oh goodness. I'm too self absorbed. Of course no one thought that a bunch of college kids walking backwards was weird and unusual in anyway. =P

"This is good for me.. This is good for me.. This is good for me".. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Ruben and Jason both lost the competition. Preston and I are the only ones left in the runnings.


Girls always win. Am I right, ladies?

Well wish me luck on this embarrassing, humiliating, and humbling endeavor.

I always wondered what college would be like.

Now I know.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


I think that if even Microsoft Word recognizes a word as not in its dictionary then it should be banned. 
How is one suppose to learn and memorize new material when they can't even pronounce, or read for that matter, the word?

mesolimbocortical system. tardive dyskinesia. 

Biological Psychology, I am happy to be done with you. 

So long, farewell...


How we're coping with the stress of finals

So, it's just past half way through dead week and we've finally snapped. As you can see from the picture below, I'm walking around in Eugene in a batman/sherriff costume along with some other interesting characters. To help conteract this mental breakdown spreading like wildfire in the student body, they brought in puppies, ice cream, and coloring books in an attempt to restore minimal sanity to stressed out college students. In restrspect, they could just not make finals so difficult and then we wouldn't be at a breaking point, but it might be worth it if it means I spend an hour playing with 6-week old border-collie pups instead of studying. (I'm procastinating further by blogging about it now, but it is my civic duty to our readers) Much love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last night the gang all got to go to a concert! I love experiencing new surroundings and experiences with these great friends. I'm going to miss them all during the summer.

Well with car packed, pizza in hand and homework (that we secretly knew would never get done) nearby, we headed off to the Portland area to see Leeland, Matt Maher, and Phil Wickham perform. Preston won 4 tickets in a radio contest and surprised us all by inviting us to join in on the whole group's first "road trip." The concert was great and new favorite artists were gained.

On the way back it was raining cats and dogs. Keegan could barely see the road. That made for an exciting and bonding time for the five of us. When it became too bad we slowed down and Daniel took the wheel. We made it home safely and can't wait for our next outing.

We love music and friendship.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Formal!

Spring Formal was a blast! It was definitely in the top 2 dances I have been to. Keegan and I enjoyed ourselves and I think the boys secretly did as well. Actually, they openly admitted they enjoyed it =]

Here are some pictures!

Sorry, there were a lot. Thanks for reading the blog. Hope you are all doing well. 

It's DEAD WEEK this week (the week before finals!). School is coming to a close, summer is a-comin' !!!!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

And It Keeps Getting Better...

So far we have started this weekend off rockin' and a rollin' and it just keeps goin'. Last night 7 guys of NCU (Jason included) participated in MR. BEACON. Mr. Beacon was essentially a beauty pageant for boys... I mean.. Men. This night included all the spectaculars you would imagine to find in a pageant; including individual talents, a group dance, questionnaires, and karaoke. Keegan and I were privileged enough to be escorts for our friend Jason during his big debut. All other contestants simply had one escort.. but Jason pimped it up. Jason (with Preston's piano help) played his saxophone and sang for his talent. He did wonderfully. I have several videos clips from the night but as usual, YouTube hates me. Sorry.. but you only get one picture of all the escorts all dolled up. 

After Mr. Beacon, Daniel, Preston, Jason, Keegan, and I all went to our Shari's hangout and ordered pie, milkshakes, and other assortments of food. =]

How could one pack any more excitement into their weekend? Well we, being the awesome gang that we are, are going to do it! Keegan and I roped the boys into going to NCU's Spring Formal tonight. The three Homeschoolers and two public schoolers are taking their adventures out of the usual NCU campus and Daniel's house and into the unfamiliar, crazily collected, dance scene. Wish us luck! Look for pictures to come. 

Thanks for reading! 

(The promised story will be coming shortly!)


Winner, Winner, Winner!

If you guys didn't see... Keegan posted the winner of the last blog in a comment.

"The number was 33 (which happens to be my favorite number ever) Brianne is closest with her second guess of 42 so Brianne will get a story published about her sometime in the coming week! Hooray!

Paige, thank you for following us! Amazingly enough, you became our 33rd follower and since that is my favorite number and were so glad to have you reading along, you will also have a role in this story! Woot!"
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Okay, here's the deal gang, we are trying to bribe all of you into becoming followers and frequent readers of this fantastic blog. So I have a proposition for our loyal readers. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100 and the person to post a comment with the number closest to the one I am thinking of will get an exculsive story written and published about them right here on keeganandme!! Isn't that exciting??!!


On your marks.....

Get set....


(People, this is not a drill. I'm not kidding.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Para Lindsey de Toribio (Jose)

Here at NCU we have to scan for our meals every three times a day. When we scan we then receive little receipts that we give the chefs to inform them of what we wish to devour. Instead of simply plopping my ticket up on the counter over the past months I have built a relationship with the cooks. Jose, Bill, Brandon, Adolfo, Fabian, and Lalo are all great people. I made it a point to draw a picture on my receipt for them each time I saw them at the counter. Things escalated quickly. It all started with me drawing a simply sun or stick figure man. Then.. Jose brought colored pencils and crayons for me to work with. I would draw for 30 minutes and then eat for 15-20 minutes. Due to a lot of homework and a lot of tests I had to stop my Van Gough ways for awhile.

The reason I tell you all this, is because Jose gave me a great gift the other day. He had kept all my drawings and pasted them in a book for me! It is so great!
59 of the pages are filled but there are still many more pages that need to be filled (133 to be exact).


 A girl can only come up with so many ideas of what to draw.
If you are up for the challenge post in a comment what pictures I should draw next.
I will personally dedicate each suggestion to the individual who writes an idea. =]

My art work will be worth millions in years to come. =]

I can't wait to hear ideas! =]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Preston and Lindsey's Ultimate Adventure

As Keegan so eloquently and skillfully informed you all, we had an awesome TOUCH project day serving the homeless and being immersed in new situations.
Speaking of new situations. .... I had an exciting adventure of my own.
Preston and I left the Jefferson Bridge around 3pm, excited to return home to relax and work on homework. Leonard had other plans. 
If you guys don't know who Leonard is, let me enlighten you. Leonard is my 1987 mustard-puke Toyota Camry.
All was going fine.. We were cruising casually and cordially down corners, enjoying the sun and the breeze that the open windows brought us. When we slowed to a stop by an intersection, that is when all the action took place. We came to a stop and heard a loud "Calaaaappp shesjhca sjfalkjl". We simply thought it was weird but didn't think much more about it. A homeless couple started shouting and cussing incoherently at us but we smiled and tried not to bring any attention or react in any way. When the light turned green, I applied gas and tried to go... This time we heard an even louder "CALAAAAAAP DALKJALJRE DSJVFAKEHGOIAWEG" It sounded almost as if we were continually running something over. My immediate thought was that my bumper had fallen off and it was stuck under my car. The homeless couple screamed even louder at us, "KARMA! KARMA! #%!@$&* THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! *#&@ *#r$&@ *#%#^" Preston quickly hopped out and looked under the car... Nothing. Cars began to honk and the homeless people began to scream even louder. I flicked on my hazards and people began to go around.
We put it in neutral and began to back it up out of the road a little more. The homeless couple's attitude suddenly flipped and they began to help us. They helped us push the car... and a little more. Then we decided to push the car into a nearby driveway so it would be completely out of the busy, sketchy intersection. The homeless woman felt that she could turn the car much better than I so she continually fought for the steering wheel. "NO, YER GOT TO TURN IT DIS WAY... YOUR WHEELS LOCKED UP! YOUR WHEELS LOCKED UP" I got into my car as she fought to continue to help me. "LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR!" We knew what we were doing and after I suggested for her to help push she kind of paused in her thought process and went to help push. The car got pushed halfway up the slanted driveway and a lady came out of a nearby building and told us that we couldn't keep the car there. We explained that we were just getting it out of traffic.
Leonard would start but every time we tried to move he would make his loud, screeching, "there's something wrong with me" sound. We found a shiny brass piece of him that was covered in oil up by the stop light. When we pushed him up more into the driveway he had pooped out another piece. Discouraged and confused I called my dad but got no answer. I then called Dad 2 (Mr. Jones) and he and mom 2 headed over. I got a hold of my dad back home and all was well. The tow truck came (after getting a little lost) and Leonard was delivered to the car doctor. The lady that told us we couldn't park in the driveway actually stayed with us the whole time and ended up being a night student at NCU. Small world!
The driveway that we were parked in was that of safe houses for women and children rehabilitating from drugs and alcohol.

It was a great bonding time for Preston and I.

Four Hours of Serving the Homeless + 3 Hours Dealing with Leonard = Exhausted College Kids

Thank you so much Jesus for keeping it sunny, for having family that cares, and for watching over us at all times. It was a pretty good and easy first break down and I am sooo glad I wasn't by myself. Thank you Preston! =]

Mr. and Mrs. Jones later told us that we were at one of the most sketchy, dangerous places to be.  It was so good that it was sunny out and that we got out of there before nightfall.

Again, we are so thankful. It was quite an eventful day. Now we are all going to top it off by making Preston watch the movie Matilda.

We'll try to post more!
Have a great rest of the weekend!


Touch Project and meat fights

Hello! Spring is here and it's finally nice enough to be outside and open windows and take off a few layers of clothing! Yippee! Today we had a school-wide community service project called the Touch Project. A local church, NCU, and a few local charity organizations got together to cook a huge meal under the Jefferson Street Bridge for the homeless of Eugene. We also had a ton of clothing and hygiene product donations to give out. We chopped up lettuce and tomatoes and filled bags with candy and we made about 300 burger patties for a hamburger and hotdog cookout! It was such a blessing to be able to serve these people and pray over them. We also had a lot of fun putting it all together, as you can see, things got a little but silly in the burger making process. Some ground beef may or may not have been flung. Also, college students are easily amused by things like tongs. Go figure. Only three weeks left of classes before we all head home for the summer! Yikes! Peace out for now.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is Home.

I don't know if you guys remember this video:

Jose a while ago told Keegan and I to make our own music video to it. I'm sorry to inform you that this post isn't to say we followed up on that request. However, this post is merely to say that I love the new youth group I help out with.

Tonight at youth group this song came on. It took me a second or two to realize I actually knew it. It wasn't long before I looked over and saw more than half of the youth group using choreographic dance moves to Tunak Tunak Tun. I was cracking up so much! What a coincidence! They all lined up and knew exactly what to do! OH my.. It reminded me so much of my youth group back home (if you don't believe me just check a few posts back of the boys having their own dance party). I'm so grateful that more and more God is showing this is where he wants me to be.

I hope you are all having a GREAT week!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Made it!

Home at last! Jason and I left my aunt's and grandma's house after an incredible feast and extravagant egg hunt.

We arrived back in Eugene at 10:45 PM ish! There was no traffic and it was smooth sailings. Instead of it taking more than 8 hours to reach our destination as it did on the way to Washington we were able to make it home in about 5-5.5 hours.

Now it's back in the routine: go to classes, work, homework; all the responsibilities come rushing back.

Thanks again for reading everyone! Comments are always welcome and if you aren't a follower of our blog yet, I highly encourage it =P It will be the best decision of your life.


(P.S. Again YouTube hates me.. I had a great video for you all... but no dice.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Ugly Easter Eggs

Once upon a time I went to Portland to visit my aunt and uncle for Easter Weekend. We went and saw the Chinese Garden in Old China Town downtown where we had tea in cute little tea cups and almond cookies. I got to ride the train which was exciting. It was very cold and rainy, so we brought umbrellas.

However, the trouble started Saturday night when it was time to dye Easter eggs for the Easter bunny. My aunt had read in a magazine that if you use brown eggs instead of white eggs, the colors turn out better, so we boiled 18 brown eggs. My uncle bought us two dye kits; one had glitter to put on the eggs and the other had paint that you could spatter on them.


Okay so the brown eggs were our first mistake, so the magazine my aunt read is full of lies and falsehoods too. The colors came out really weak except the green which looked pretty cool. The blue dye turned the eggs black... gross. Next we tried to "swirl" the colors by adding olive oil to the dye mixture. I had never tried this before but according to my aunt, it was supposed to leave "swirls" on the eggs where the dye didn't stick so when you stuck the egg in another color is dyed the "swirled" area. Can you say epic fail? Instead of "swirls" we got spots that looked like some kind of plague or disease. Not Pretty. We didn't give up though, we figured we could cover up the liver spots with pretty glitter and stenciled designs of flowers and cute little bunnies. Wrong. The glitter didn't squeeze out nicely, it GLOBBED. Everywhere. So you couldn't draw cute little flowers or curly-Q's with it, instead you just had to smear it all over the egg. The paint was like the grease you get all over your hands from working on a car, thick and slimy. It also globbed on to the eggs so the only thing you could do was smear it all over. Ew.

Despite our failed attempt at dying easter eggs, I have never laughed so hard or had so much fun while doing it. The Easter Bunny had pity on us and left us Easter baskets after all. Judging by the amount of chocolate in my basket I'm guessing he never found the eggs since we had them hidden in the fridge.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and remembered who it's really all about (Jesus Christ in case you were wondering) He is Risen!! Woot woot! Much love :)
Me and the little bunny in my basket

I look pretty skeptic about these eggs....
Scary egg face
I can't even tell you what this color is....

From Us... To You.


This egg was specifically dyed orange in honor of Preston

It was great being at church today and seeing all the old and new faces. God is so good. Thank you Jesus for all that you did for us even when you knew not all of us would turn to you. 

I got to see all my old friends and Jason gained about 50 more new amigos. 

Jason and I at the beach! Woot woot.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

On The Road Again

Although I just left my Washington home last week for Spring break...I'm once again BACK HOME!

If you have been following this blog you will remember/see that out of the group of Keegan and I's friends, Jason seems to never be pictured. Feeling bad about this, Jason and I took a road trip home! He is spending the Easter holiday with my family and I. The next blog posts will be dedicated to Jason and I's adventures on the road and throughout the great state of Washington.


Getting ready to start our journey

Food from the Caf was essential

Yeah, not much I can say..

"Look, I'm a walrus"..."Yes Jason, Yes..."

Traffic =/

This picture is dedicated to the wonderful Jones Family who we bombard every Sunday. 

(In this video.. me yelling "I'm trying to tell you about the stupid deer" is directed at the speeding car in the other lane.. not to you guys. =])

It took about 8 hours to make it back home! We hit so much traffic as shown in the video above. However, we made it. Our first night here consisted of dining with the family over a feast and working on a puzzle. My mom knows I am a sucker for puzzles. Jason turned out to have the same determination if not more for puzzles than I.

More to come!