Friday, August 28, 2009

Does someone need a hug?

Check out seconds 25 to 42. This section of the clip pretty much describes my encounter with the raccoon present here at NCU.

The other day I encountered Mr. Raccoon. My friend and I were sitting at a picnic table and all of a sudden the sneaky raccoon rounded the corner of a tree near by! It was very exciting. This huge raccoon stood staring at us about 10 feet away. He zipped and scampered up and down the tree watching us carefully. I was so excited. Not only does NCU have good academics and food but also a zoo! We shall see what is to transpire from this tricky little beast. The security guard informed us that there are baby raccoons around here somewhere too. My adventure list now includes capturing these fiends on camera and giving them many hugs =]. Pray for me!


Our Wonderful Dysfunctional Family

Once upon a time there were five Beacons; Lindsey and Keegan (the two most awesome roommates ever), Scott and Josh (the second coolest roommates ever) and Will (the home schooled kid). Together they formed a dysfunctional family that loved and supported each other through thick and thin. We were like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Gang--Scott would be Mickey, Josh would be Donald Duck, Lindsey would be Minnie Mouse, Keegan would be Daisy and Will, of course, would be Goofy. We had jam sessions with guitars, bongos, bass and beautiful vocals. Sometimes we had laptop parties where we all facebooked each other while we were in the same room. One night, after some serious facebooking, the gang decided that they were in serious need of some snackage. So, they drove to Wal-Mart in Keegan's car and loaded up on easy mac, peanut butter, and oreos (all of the basics from the food pyramid.) On the way back, everyone decided it would be super funny if they got Keegan lost on all of the one-way streets in Eugene. After a few death-defying turns they all relaxed and ate stale mixed nuts. The End.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

She Got Pipes!

"She Got Pipes!" - A veteran girl guide with extremely large muscles.

      Keegan and I were able to have the great adventure of water rafting last Monday. In preparation for our thrilling experience we were each given a piece of paper outlining the lingo, tips, and safety rules for our rafting extravaganza. "She Got Pipes" has become our most favorite phrase and seems to be catching on quickly with our friends. Here's a handy tip for you folks out there... If you want to impress your girl friend (or get one for that matter), wife, or possibly just give your mom the best compliment she could ever receive, all you simply have to say is,
"You got pipes!"
Keegan and I like to mix it up and throw in some random accents in there. Australian, British, and Icelandian all seem to work the best. They really live in up the phrase.
Also, girls, on occasion you can throw in a "He's Got Pipes" if you are feeling extremely charitable. Remember to use it sparingly though because it is a very life changing and meaningful phrase that can make boys turn into men.

P.S. Keegan is 6' 2" (I'm standing on a curb)

In the beginning God created.... KEEGAN and LINDSEY.

It was a glorious summer August 22nd day when Keegan and Lindsey began their roommate adventures of a lifetime. Little did they know that their fates would be so closely intertwined. Destiny had brought them together and none could tear them apart. As they adventured the Oregonian wilderness they became inseparable. The campus of NCU didn't know what hit them when they paired the best roommates together.

Hey! I'm Lindsey! I'm from Washington and have just started a new life journey by heading off to college. I'm excited to see all that is in store for me and will take it head on.

Hey! I'm Keegan and I'm from Arizona. I play basketball for NCU and I am excited for some rain. Bring it on!

Together, over our journey of a lifetime, we will be documenting our adventures, obstacles and just plain obnoxiousness. So be prepared for it!

Keegan and me.