Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't get your head all in a tizzy....

Generally speaking... I am not a rebel. For the most part, I wear fairly conventional clothing, I don't (Or rather can't) dye my hair and having an afro doesn't exactly bode well for funky hair styles. Well, kids, I decided to find a way to break the mold. I had my cousin (a hair stylist) put all of my hair in braids! It took almost 6 hours of braiding on her part. (Apparently I have a lot of hair.) Let the rebellion begin! I really like it :) It isn't going to be forever, it's not something I would want too long. And I'm not entirely convinced that it is the "best" look for me. You know what I love about it? The fact that it's different. I'm going on a beach vacation next week with my family so I'm super excited to find new ways to rock my micro braids! Power to the youth in revolt! hahahaha much love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today we had a surprise birthday party for Rachael. It was my responsibility to keep her distracted and distant from the house so that everyone could arrive. After the grocery store I mentioned that I would really like some Rita's (ice cream) that happened to be all the way across town =P

As we walked back to our car, with ice cream in hand, we began to hear a screaming, panicking voice.

All that we could hear was this woman's cry for help. There were houses nearby and it sounded like the cries were coming from inside. I immediately thought a lady was being beat up; abused. It was horrible. Never have I heard in real life such genuine cries. There were three high school age students standing around looking shocked and dumbfounded. As Rachael and I rounded the corner of the parking lot there was a lady decked out in biker gear with her foot pinned underneath a fallen motorcycle. We sprinted to her side as she screamed for us to lift the motorcycle off of her. It was pretty intense. Gas was leaking out of the bike all over the ground and her. As Rachael tried to prop the bike up she rested the steaming hot pipe of the bike on her leg. Needless to say she has a pretty gnarly burn on her leg. However, Rachael and the lady are both fine. Her husband or boyfriend showed up and was going to take her to the hospital. She was pretty certain that her foot was broken.

With one adventure down, we headed back to the house where Rachael was greeted with her surprise party. There were a lot of people here and it was all a lot of fun.

If you would be so kind please be praying for me. I've been kind of sick lately and I think an infection spread to my wisdom teeth. I'm no doctor/dentist but all I know is that I can barely open my mouth. Please pray that I don't have to get a shot in my jaw!! eeeek!



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unrevealed Treasures.

So this post is mostly for my sister Allie but I will privilege you all to it as well =] . Before I left Georgia I took a lot of pictures and videos of little H. He is so adorable and I miss him dearly, I can't help but share him again with you all.

(Allie, I didn't edit any of these photos just in case you wanted them on your blog. =] )

Love you Allie.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life of an intern.

My friends here have been so great in finishing my "To Do" lists. The life of an intern is never ending. There is always something that I can be doing and people are quick to enlist me in these tasks. However, when I got done with a meeting the other day I noticed that my list was longer than usual.

As you can see.. I have my work cut out for me. 
I think all are manageable except the smaller office part.. As of now my office space is the corner of a cubicle with a 2.5' wide by 3.5' tall desk. It's rather cute if you ask me. =]


Little Bunny Foo Foo....

Today, Rachael "rescued" but really captured a baby bunny. She held captive  visited with dear sweet Foo Foo for many hours. The small fur ball sat (in shock) at the bottom of a flower pot. Rachael insisted that no one touch  Foo Foo. However, the temptation became too much and before we released him into the wild (the grass next to the church) we took many pictures with the little one. He was so cute.

Last night was sooo much fun! The whole NCU gang met up on skype and were able to talk. It was so great hearing Keegan, Daniel, Preston, and Jason's voices. In all honesty I was starting to become Eugene homesick. Talking with them makes me that much more excited to see them in August. I can't wait. I loved hearing about their awesome plans and adventurous stories (bike stories included =P). I am so thankful for such great friends.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It has been one of those days....

Hello readers. I'm going to put up a disclaimer right now: For those of you weak in stomach, this is not for you.

I went to my nanny job today ready to take on whatever challenges arose. Good thing I was ready. The little girl I babysit was fussy and didn't want to eat. I figured she just didn't get enough sleep, which often happens with babies. So I proceeded to play and entertain her when suddenly....BLECH. Luckily she didn't throw up a lot and it was all on the tile, I figured she just had an upset tummy so I cleaned it all up and gave her water instead of milk and she seemed a little better. About 10 minutes later she was bouncing up and down on the couch when.......

massive. projectile. vomiting.

All over the couch, all over the carpet. all over me.

I had no idea a little baby could even contain so much vomit. So I quickly tried to clean the mess and myself and the baby. Once that was accomplished, the baby had diarrhea and proceeded to get it on me.

I just thought the rest of the world would benefit from the sharing of my expereince. Hopefully you didn't read this right before or right after a meal. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great "Woogie"

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of Lindsey's adorable posts and adventures off in Georgia and such. My adventures are a little smaller, but they happen at my nanny job. The picture below is the adorable toddler I spend most of my time with. She's such a little ball of energy and joy. She only knows the words "momma," "dada," and "milk." (not bad for 15 months old). So, she doesn't know my name. Instead she points at me and says, "Woogie!" I have no idea where she got it, but I am now the great woogie (I added the great part, makes me feel better about being a woogie, whatever that is)

I have also come to realize that my resume will look a little strange after I'm done with this job. Under the "Special Skills" section I am going to write:

-Silly face maker
-Excellent Animal noise maker
-Making baby food appetizing
-Nap-time ninja
-Peek-a-boo expert
-Story time artist
-Variety of silly (sometimes strange) voices for all occasions

That's how I roll, peeps.

"We're going to a party.. It's a birthday party.. It's your birthday party. Happy Birthday Darling!"

Today is my wonderful sister's birthday! We unfortunately spent the day working at Allie's job... but turned it into awesomeness by baking a cake with the little ones. Hopefully tonight Allie and Garrison will be able to get out of the house and I will have little H all to myself. =]


 "We love you very,very,very,very,very,very,very much"



You say Spinach... I say Spanish

Little Kids Are Too Cute.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do we have a treat for you =]

This weekend Baby H had his first TV appearance. This baby is going to be a STAR.