Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going North to South Carolina =]

Today we packed our bags and headed north... to South Carolina! Given that it is Memorial Day weekend and neither Allie nor Garrison have work on Monday we decided an adventure was in order. We are currently staying at a fancy-shmancy hotel with a pool, cable, and everything else luxurious. =]

Henry experienced entering a pool for the first time today (see video below). Wish us all good luck on our adventure of hotel life with the little one. =]

I'm sorry if it is extremely lame that I post a bigillion pictures every post.. I just can't help it. 

He's just such a HUNK.


Friday, May 28, 2010

And the pictures just keep coming.

What a lovely dude, huh?

my absolute favorite

He wasn't super smily today.. but I couldn't help exposing him to another photo shoot.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I witnessed an explosion today!

Allie, Henry, and I packed up and headed to her work to watch two very sweet kids. I was able to spend the whole day with my little nephew; giving him tons of kisses and spending hours cuddling. After he ate some food Allie left to get the other little ones ready for their nap and I was able to play "mommy" for a bit. As I held Henry close to my newly bought Aeropostale dress I begin to feel something warm on my side. Hahah. As I looked down,  my dear, sweet, lovely, charming, innocent, baby Henry had a mega explosion in his little diaper. His accident completely overflowed and was seeping onto me. Haha. Lovely little one, simply lovely.

Despite witnessing this great explosion.. I am still madly in love with this little fellow and look forward to the rest of my time I have with Allie, Garrison, and the baby.


I can't believe I'm posting this..

Here is a song for y'all. It's country so I apologize now.. But I think it is pretty funny.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I held hands with a boy today...

Have you ever experienced the weird and often embarrassing sensation of dreaming that you are falling to your doom only to wake up with a jolt and realize that everyone around you is staring and smiling at your small seizure attack? Yeah, well that's what happened to me on my plane ride to Allie (my oldest sister). I was being attacked by a once friendly puppy that suddenly turned vicious. Yay, for being embarrassed in front of people I will never see again! =]

Anyway, I'm sure you are all reading this and wondering.. "What in the world does any of this have to do with her holding hands with a boy" Well.. Let me tell you.. It all has to do with this boy. 

Baby Henry

Oh boy! What a cutie! I met my nephew for the first time today. He is such a doll. I am totally infatuated. As we rode to dinner, this handsome fello held my index finger with his tiny little grasp and at the same time stole my heart. =]



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’d like to make myself believe…

I didn't know what to think as I gazed beyond the back porch and into the back yard. Glowing specks of orange sporadically illuminated in the sky. At first I thought I was seeing things; the 93 degree, sticky, humid weather had finally gotten to me, causing me to hallucinate. However, as Rachael (my overseer, undeclared mentor, and great friend) and I continued jamming on our guitars in the now cool, refreshing night air, I shouted in wonder,


Sure enough I had my first encounter with fireflies! Never in my life did I think I would have the chance to see such creatures. I even tried catching them. I ran outside and trekked through the grass despite my fears of ticks and was able to capture one. It soon got away though =/. I tried getting more friends for it but it had other plans. haha.

This moment would have been that much better if Keegan was with me. =] My partner in crime.

For now I will just "get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs as they try to teach me how to dance." 




I'm bored

Today is my day off and I am stranded at the house until my brother gets home so I'm bored. This is me and my partner in crime today, Daisy. She is doing her best to keep me entertained by playing endless games of fetch and prompting me to post her on the blog. Such a good dog. I apologize for this post; it's about absolutely nothing. Good day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm still alive.. Nobody panic.

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Well I made it here to Pennsylvania (last Tuesday!). Wow, time sure does fly. I haven't been posting because there is so much to say and at the same time there is nothing. I don't know if that makes sense. Things come and go and I think "Wow, my blog readers would just love to hear about this one" and then sure enough the next moment it is totally wiped from my brain. Things at time move so fast that the days just seem like one big blur. I work at the church from nine to five everyday. Luckily I get Friday and Saturday off but this last weekend we (Rachael and I) were at the church all day because of the legendary Rummage Sale. Seriously! I left Eugene just as Westside church was about to have their rummage sale and then when Living Word in Washington was about to have theirs I shipped off to Pennsylvania. Oh but don't worry, I Rummage Saled. That is the most hours I have put into a church rummage sale. haha. But it was great and I enjoyed getting to know some of the youth that helped out. So far I have met a lot of awesome people and more than half of the kids I will be interning with. They seem like quite a great group of individuals.
I can't wait to see Allie, Garrison, and Baby Henry in a couple days (next Wednesday!). I have a feeling that is going to be the highlight of my summer. Be prepared for many pictures of my brother-in law, sister, BABY HENRY!!! =P

Well for now.. I need to go to bed.. The time difference still can kick my butt at times. =]

P.S. Please be praying that I don't get lymes disease. I guess a lot of people are getting this dreadful disease. It's when the sneaky ticks come and eat you and inject the nasty virus in you. Super gross. My first night I dreamt.. or nightmared of ticks all night! haha. I still look over my shoulder at times.. wondering if they are rising up against me; ready to charge forward and stampede me to the ground.

Ok.. that was a long P.S. I suppose I should have just let it be with the normal part of the post... Oh well.. Ok.. I am just really tired now.

I love you all and I miss you dearly.

Peace out from the east coast.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I voted today :)

Well gang, Lindsey is off to grand adventures in Pennsylvania and I'm so happy for her! I know God is going to do awesome through her and for her. Go Lindsey! :)

Here in Phoenix, things are pretty low key. However, today I reached a milestone in my life, a sign of maturity and adulthood recognized by the government it self!

[I got a nifty sticker for voting^]

I voted on Proposition 100, which will raise sales tax (yes we have that here) in order to fund education. Without this bill, schools will be forced to cut all PE, art, music and sports programs and let a bunch of teachers and other educators go. The situation is dire and it really needs to pass! And I got to do my civic duty as an American and help it to do just that! WooHoo rights! yeah!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Tomorrow..

It's only a day away.
Tomorrow I leave for Pennsylvania!

My first plan leaves at 10:30 am but we live far away from Seattle so we have to leave at 6:30 am. Oh boy, I'm not too good with early mornings. =] I then have a lay over in Missouri and then arrive in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at 7:50 pm. Fun, Fun stuff.

I'm going to Pennsylvania for an internship. I will be leading worship, building worship teams, leading small groups, interacting with youth (Yay!), going to camp, probably cleaning bathrooms.. All that fun stuff.
I am really excited to be trying something new and going somewhere that I have never been before.

I expect to overcome some challenges and work through a lot of things that have been heavy on my heart for awhile (insecurity, inadequacy.. all that fun stuff =P). God's got me and we will grow together. How awesome is that? We get to grow and learn things with God, the J-man, the real BIG Bambino; hand in hand, step in step. I find that pretty radically sweet if you ask me.

Overall I am so excited and welcome prayers!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.. You're only a day away.

P.S. I love tonight as well.. My bestie friend Hannah is spending the night tonight! Woot woot!

Some of my favorite people.

Yesterday was the best day since I have been back. I was able to go to my home church and see all of my wonderful old friends. After church we had a party in celebration of my mom's birthday, my birthday, Megan returning and me leaving for Pennsylvania. We had family friends over and even the boys from my old school, HomeConnection, showed up.

Oh goodness.. I can't even begin to describe how good it was to hang out with my HomeConnection comrades again. Kristen, Greg, Jace and I, towards the end of the partaaay, just sat on my porch and reminisced over old memories and also discussed what's new in our lives. Oh goodness. It was so grand!

I don't even know how to describe it. It's like, we are finally in a stage of our lives where enough time has passed  that we can finally discuss things that were forbidden or too awkward in junior high. We talked about old crushes, funny moments, all our "check yes or no if you like me" letters, etc.; practically all the good, essential stuff that needs to be talked about in life =P.

After it got too cold on the porch we bundled up and watched the sunset at the beach, continuing to be full of laughter and cheery faces. We threw rocks in the water and sat on beach logs until a park ranger came and kicked us out. We then went to Safeway and got ice cream. Upon returning home we cracked open old letters that I had saved from the boys and Kristen. Oh geez.. We I definitely laughed to the point of obnoxious tears.

Oh man.. It was truly a great time. I love my old friends so much and I am so glad that we all continue to be close and have a good time even after all these years. It has probably been six or seven years that we have all known each other.

Hanging out with them really reminded me of the NCU gang in Eugene. We are already really close, I can't wait to see what we are like in the years to come. After college I hope that we can all come back together and discuss the memories we are making now. Just like Greg, Jace, Kristen and I reminisced over our junior high and high school memories, the NCU gang will too laugh over the all the memories of Keegan and I pwning, the boys always losing =P, water balloon fights, concerts, and all the hangout Sundays.

I love my friends.

Thank you Greg, Jace, and Kristen for a wonderful time.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

in cheese we trust!

Okay, so my life has not been nearly as exciting as Lindsey's since I've been home in Phoenix. I went to my cousin's wedding, celebrated another cousin graduating from college, and started my nanny job. I work three days a week with a 15 month old baby girl who calls me woogie :) haha we have fun. I figured I would put up a random post so everyone knew I wasn't dead (I know you were all concerned) Today, as my family and I were walking from the church parking lot to church, I noticed a license plate cover that said, "IN CHEESE WE TRUST" and it absolutely made my day, though I'm not 100% sure why this intrigues me so much. Don't get me wrong, cheese is definitely one of my all time favorite foods. ever. This just cracked me up. Much love!

p.s. it's hot here. really.

My Fam Bam

Let me just say that I have a simply wonderful family.
My older littler sister, Megan is back home from Africa! She spent the last 4 months in Uganda studying abroad. It is so great to have her back. The family is really united besides missing Allie who is in Georgia.
It's great hearing all of Megan's stories and seeing the growth that has taken place in her through her African adventure. Besides adapting to a completely different lifestyle she also rafted the Nile and bungee jumped over the Nile. She also was able to go on a safari. Pretty neat stuff.

This weekend my family and I got to see little Carly and Stevie (not so little anymore *sniff, sniff*) pwn in their soccer games! They all did fantastic! I remember those good ole days.
They are pro soccer players and I envy their skills.

Stevie and Carly both won their games.

Yeah that's right! That's my sister who scored the goal. I think she scored 5 all together. 

My dad, coaching the girls. 

My dad really shows the girls how to treat the other teams

Well, that's it. Just wanted to brag about the some of the champs in my family. =]


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank You Target

Today I took a day for myself and headed to Mount Vernon (45 minutes off the island!). It is a town where, compared to little Oak Harbor, stores like KOHLS, JCPENNY'S, and ROSS are in abundance. In preparation for my Pennsylvanian departure I needed to pick up some more  clothes. After visiting the mall I stopped by Target.

 Being the big spender that I am, I needed to use my Target gift card and my debit card to pay for my purchase. The cashier man was nice enough but I found it funny that on his screen it said, "How ELSE do you plan to pay for your purchase" (When my gift card didn't cover the entire cost). I have seen this at Target before. The computer is actually programmed with sentences that instruct the cashier in what to say.

Have people become so socially inept in communication that they need a computer to tell them how to say things. It's almost as if the computer hadn't hinted of how to inform me I still had more to pay, the guy would sit there and waste away in his own awkward fretting.

"Thank you, have a good day" (Smile and act happy). It's a good thing the computer tells you what to say or we might just forget how to be courteous.

I actually envied the cashier-computer man for a bit. If only I had one of those in my own real life. So many awkward moments or times of unfiltering could have been avoided!

I think I'm going to make little handheld sentence prompters. I'll make millions.

How do you handle hysteric, bawling girls?


Loooooooong moment of pure, agonizing silence and your screaming "BAP!" theory fell through.. what do you do?


"Oh no, oh no, oh no.. It's my turn to pray next..I have no clue what to say...."


The personal sentence maker (the name is still under construction) is perfect for all occasions!


Thanks Target for inspiring such colossal ideas!

Friday, May 14, 2010

It Seems Like Just Yesterday...

It's so hard to believe that Keegan and I's first year at NCU has come and gone. It seems like just yesterday when Keegan and I met, went on the water rafting trip together, and wrote our first blog post.

She Got Pipes!

God truly did bless Keegan and I by pairing us together and introducing us to new friends and family members. 

We are so blessed. I  can't wait to see what next year has in store! 


Monday, May 10, 2010

We haven't been completely honest with you

I know that ALL of you who follow our blog read it oh so diligently and we appreciate that. Because of your immense loyalty, Keegan and I need to confess. We haven't been completely honest with you. 

Here goes nothing.. the shocker of the century....!!!


Her and I are just two different people.. She can't accept me for who I am and her hilarious jokes make me feel inferior in my own humor. We use to be so close.. so loving and compassionate towards each other.. All of that has changed. We can no longer be in each others' presence let alone live in the same cramped dorm room. This is so long, farewell.. Our time has come and gone. It's not you followers.. it's us. 


So I find it pretty ironic that this whole post was suppose to be about being truthful and yet I lied in it. How will you ever trust me again? Well.. well.. well...  Let's just hope you do.. haha
Anyway, although it is true that Keegan and I will not be rooming together next year... It is not due to any hatred her and I have towards one another. We love each other dearly and this is actually really painful for us. A couple months back we announced that Keegan received the Resident Assistant (RA) position and I the Embracing the Lord (worship coordinator) job... Because of this, Keegan and I can't room together. Being an RA, Keegan is entitled to her own room for counseling and consoling crying freshmen girls (good luck Keegan!) We will be going our separate ways, never to see each other again (alright, over exaggerating/lying again)... Keegan and I's friendship will continue to blossom and grow on our small 570 student campus. We have already worked out that we will have many sleep overs and hang out sessions in the years to come. 

DON'T WORRY!... I know by now you are probably sitting in your seats trembling in nervousness, palms perspiring because of uncertainty, and your face losing its every ounce of color because of your immense anticipation. 

Keegan and I will be continuing KEEGANANDME.BLOGSPOT! 

No need to fret. We can't let you guys down. We know you thrive on our every post and we refuse to deprive you of that. 

So all is not lost. Although we will have a bit more distance between us... We will journey on, for you -our loyal followers. The adventures will still be epic and our bonds will still be strong. 

Pray for my new roommate please! She won't realize that she's going to be sucked into a consuming blog conundrum (I don't think I used that right.. Oh well.. School is out! No need to think anymore =P)

I hope you all have a great week! 


Betrayal, Lies, and Water Balloons

I meant to post this last week. Sorry for the delay.. life got crazy =]

Last Sunday we were enjoying our typical hangout at Daniel's house. But of course, our group can never have anything just be "typical." Daniel, myself and our friend Brittney were on worship team this week. We got off to a very late start for there were problems with the alarm system. The stage crew was delayed in setting up the stage and therefore we weren't able to start worship practice right away. We were all scheduled to help out with kids this Sunday but Jason had a choir engagement, Preston had parable, and I was on worship team. Therefore Keegan and Katy took the role of sunday school teachers. Keegan can feel free to vent to you about that one. Let's just say that things were pretty chaotic. Crazy, crazy kids. When Brittney and I went in to help them for a bit the expression on their faces said it all. "Get me out of here" "HELP!" Poor girls.
Daniel, Keegan, Katy, Brittney, and I all headed over to the Jones' house and indulged in some delicious Mexican grub. Given that this is our last Sunday for the school year we knew we needed Preston and Jason to make the Sunday complete. When they were done with choir and parable we picked them up and dropped Katy and Brittney off at the school.
Upon arriving at the Jones' house again a Nerf war soon transpired. The girls of course dominated that game again. When Keegan and I were outside conversing with Mr. and Mrs. Jones the boys snuck inside.
The things that happened after that haunt Keegan and I.
We were calmly and collectively participating in conversation when all of a sudden massive bowling ball size water balloons plummeted towards us, dousing us in frigid water. Keegan fought like a crazy asian lady and whacked the boys with her shoes I just stood there shocked.

 Mr. Jones soon made the boys own up to their actions and they were forced to line up against the basketball back drop while we hit them with our own balloons. They soon charged us and the war escalated. Long story short many hoses became involved and Keegan, Preston, and myself were drenched. (Hey at least Keegan and I got one). I'm sorry to say that Daniel and Jason pwned.

Good job boys.. We will get you next time.

Keegan is a fighter. haha


 I was trying so hard to succeed.. but got no where.

I love this picture