Friday, July 30, 2010


A couple times Janelle and I power walked a 3.2 mile path through the battlefields of Gettysburg! I must tell you.. Walking them for the first time in the dark was pretty scary. We couldn't see anything.. It probably wasn't the smartest idea we have had.

All these pictures were from the very beginning of our walk... We should of called it a night and not gone.. but we we determined. 

This video is embarrassing... but I just care about you guys so much that I will share it with you. 

See you all soon!!!!


Take me out to the ball game!

Man, I once again have to get out all my posting energy and post again.
Last week Ryan, Kelly, Joe Joe and I went to an Orioles baseball game. They even won against the Twins! That was fun.. Oh my goodness though! It was so extremely hot. I actually did melt. It was quite ridiculous.


Nice Thinkin', Lincoln!!

Nathan, my cute little adoptive brother/nephew, here is such a Ham... He just celebrated his 2 year old birthday last Sunday. It has been a joy seeing him learn new things and trying to pronounce Janelle and I's names. Haha.. He hasn't quite got them yet. When he first tried to say Janelle's name.. some how we ended up with "Nani." After some coaching  he has gotten to "Nel." Janelle... Nel... Close enough.. However, he still struggles with Lindsey. My name always comes out as LINCOLN. =] It's rather funny. I think it's because his dogs name is Duncan and he calls his favorite stuffed monkey Munkin. So I guess I will take Lincoln if it means I am like his best friend and favorite not as his dog and monkey. He is such a cutie and I will for sure miss him!

The next morning after this video was taken something really cute happened. I was down stairs getting breakfast and he was shouting "LINCOLN!!! LINCOLN!!! LINCOLN!!!!" No longer do I have to ask what my name is but he can call me by name now. Oh man, right when I'm about to leave and everything. 

New Adventures

Since being away from home I have seen and experienced a lot of cool things. These are just some of many wonderful things I have encountered

- Seeing Fireflies for the first time!!
- Seeing a real life skunk just a few feet away at summer camp.
- Seeing a fox (Roadkill... but that's besides the point =])
-Watching bats dive bomb people at summer camp.
- I learned that this symbol:

Is NOT Northwest Christian University's logo but rather North Carolina University's. =/
I feel like my whole college life has been a lie. =p

         <----- NCU's logo...

- Being around wise people and having mentors is a fabulous thing
- God is my confidence... even when I don't feel it.
- I'm in love with a somewhat bald, extremely adorable little boy...
                                                              BABY HENRY!

- Hearing the stories and advice of older generations is extravagant and so valuable.
-Getting to meet the secretary to Eisenhower and someone who saw Hitler in her school assembly
-I can truly trust God in all circumstances because he works for my good... Why would I not trust him?
- I have family all around... west coast, east coast, oversees... 
-I never thought that 90ish degree weather would be considered comfortable and cool.
- I air conditioning ... A LOT!

Hmmm... There are so many more but they escape me at the moment. 
I've enjoyed my time here immensely and it's actually really hurting to leave. I never felt this way really before.. When ever I think about leaving my chest tightens up and I get this gross weird feeling.. I think they call it stressed. I feel like I have this constant battle inside of me. I'm so excited to be home and go back to school and see friends and family but at the same time I'm really dreading saying goodbye to people here. I have made new friends and family in just my short 3 month stay and I'm really hurting by the fact that we must part ways. Part of me wants to just hop on the airplane, shut my eyes tightly, take off and then pretend like none of what I have experienced happened. Haha.. I know it's a silly idea and I would never want to forget all that I have learned and seen but sometimes it sure does seem easiest. I've learned with going and leaving school and here that I stink at goodbyes.. (haha.. No duh... can you tell?

Anyway! Enough about that! I'm home in 2 days!!!! Oh goodness.. my heart just skipped a beat! I can't wait to see you all and create even more adventures!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Family, I miss you.

I must say I am quite jealous of my family. I hear about all their vacationing and wish that I could join them. I'll be reunited with them shortly though (6 days!!!!). Oh man.. I sure do miss my family.

I love you even if you go to Sun Lakes and Mount Rainier without me. =P

oh goodness.. so beautiful. 

Mount Rainier!

I'm home in 6 days!!!! And the count down begins. =]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wanna get away?

So a long time ago (2 weeks ish ago) Janelle, Rachael and I headed to Delaware to spend a day on the beach. I'm really too lazy to write so I quickly pasted some video footage together for you guys instead. =]

I hope all is well!

**As Featured in video**

A little boy drew this picture for me. It is me playing the guitar.. barefooted. =] I love little kids.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy 3 posts in one day, Batman!

This is the day I compensate for not blogging in a long time. 

We are buying the ticket today!

Today I'm purchasing my ticket to fly home!
I'm leaving here either the 1st or 2nd of August! That's only 13-14 days away!!! Oh my goodness! The time has just come and gone so quickly.
On the 2nd of August I have a consultation for my wisdom teeth in Washington. Then the following day I'm getting those suckers ripped and yanked out. I am sooo scared! I know I will be fine once it actually happens but I'm still a bit apprehensive.

I think I am mostly afraid of acting like this girl after the surgery is done. =]


Who's in the house!?


Summmmmer Camp!

Oh my goodness.. Once again I fail at blogging. I am happy to see that Keegan has been blogging it up with wonderful adventures and intriguing stories.

So much has taken place that it's hard to even begin to blog. I've become afraid of leaving something out and even somewhat (ok a lot) overwhelmed at the idea of remembering everything I have learned and experienced.

I just returned from a week at summer camp. It was a blast. I was worried that the heat would destroy me but luckily God sent downpour rains the first three days and then continued the rest of camp in the low mid-90's (with a horrible humidity sidekick). It was wonderful seeing the kids developing and understanding what God wants them to do.
I unfortunately had bit of an attitude while at camp. I found myself becoming frustrated or impatient with long meetings, people, and sometimes even lengthy prayers. Haha... I desired so much to be at summer camp but at the same time was really missing home. I am soooooo sooooo soooo thankful that God works above how I feel. Even though I may not be "feeling it" He still moves in remarkable ways! Our God is good- so good!

I can't believe I leave for home so soon! I only have a few short weeks left here until I'm headed back. It is extremely bitter sweet and I haven't really figured out how I feel about it exactly.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creatures lurking in my kitchen sink: a conspiracy confirmed

As a small child, I was suspicious of everything. Any dark corner, nook & cranny, or closet could contain a monster at any given moment. I was also pretty sure that the downstairs of my house turned into hot lava at night and there was an octopus living in the garbage disposal. Adults always told me that I just had an "over active imagination" and that it was silly to worry. Okay, so they might be right about the overactive imagination part (I'm still pretty sure the floor turns to hot lava at night) today I discovered a monster in my kitchen sink! Take that adults! It all started as I was doing the dishes this morning. I lifted up the frying pan to being washing it when something came crawling up from underneath it! It was a little baby lizard and I had almost drowned him! I quickly rescued him and dried him off. Ok, so he's just a little baby monster, that doesn't mean his parents aren't still lurking about somewhere....(queue dramatic music fit for someone with paranoia)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fish Tales

Howdy! This weekend I went up to Pinetop, AZ to spend some time at the cabin my family built. It's right next to Hawley Lake and it is gorgeous up there! Fresh air, trees, afternoon rain, and my favorite: fishing. I'm a bit of a closet fisherwoman. I've been baiting my own hook and reeling in my own fish since I was about 7, usually at Hawley Lake. (Maybe I am a redneck after all) My brother and his friend were also up at the lake and so we all spent part of the day fishing. Well, my dad set up my pole for me and we had bought some corn for bait so I cast out and waited to see if I would get a bight or if a crawdad would get my bait. Sure enough, my line wasn't in the water more than 5 minutes before something knocked my pole over! Huzzah! I raced over and reeled in a 14-inch trout! The biggest fish I have ever caught! My poor brother and his friend were put to shame. I didn't get a chance to eat it (though fresh trout is rather tasty) I did, however, gut it and clean it myself. (How do ya like that boys?) So not only did I catch a whopper of a fish and clean it myself, I also took my first ride on the back of a motor cycle!! My uncle has a Harley Davidson and he took me on a ride and it was so fun! Overall, I had a fairly adventurous weekend. Peace out girl scouts!

Me and my fishy. Yes, it was pouring rain when I reeled it in.

Me, about it gut my fish.

Me grossing my grandmother out by playing with the dead fishy.

Me, chilling on a Harley. Yeah, that's how I roll.

I like to go FAST!! Zoom Zoom!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A week on the beach :)

Hello Friends! My family and I just returned from a week of staying in San Diego in a condo on mission beach and it was fabulous!! We were literally right next to the beach and my brother went boogie-boarding and I laid on the beach on got super sunburnt (further evidence that I am simply incapable of tanning). It was so relaxing and we had a blast.

This is my pet dolphin. I named him unicorn.

We took a trip to the aquarium. This is a fish! Yay!
This is my brother and I. Yay sibling photos!
This is the ocean. Note its vastness.
This is not the ocean. It's one of my best friends named Riss who I only get to see once a year and she was in San Diego at the same time! How cool right?! We were both rocking the microbraids. Hair Update: I'm back to the curls for now people so everyone can breathe easy :P
This is the ocean also.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bad. To. The. Bone.

So I don't know if you know this about me.. but I'm pretty much a crazy rebel. I find joy in breaking the rules and become reenergized by the fact that I do what I want, when I want. 


Haha.. If only that was the case. I'm usually pretty easy going; a nice, law abiding citizen. However, yesterday I had a little run in with the law. I went hiking with the youth pastors (Ryan and Kelly), their baby, and my friends Joe Joe and X. After a long, steep journey up the mountainside we were ecstatic by the simple thought of swimming in the lake afterward. Joe, X, and I raced into the water and I quickly displayed my impeccable swimming skills =P. Well, being the rebel that I am I desired so deeply to swim past the buoy enclosed swimming area, to the other side of the lake/pondish thing (it all looked like pee by the way.) I soon hooked youth pastor Ryan into making the journey across the lake. We never saw any signs or lifeguard that shouted "DO NOT CROSS!" All we knew is that nobody... I mean NOBODY was on the other side. Ryan and I swam across and when we reached the other side Ryan calmly exclaimed, "Oh, there is a state patrolman watching us." Ryan needed to catch his breath for a bit and then we headed out again. As we swam back we noticed a police patrol car pull up and station itself where we had been resting. So we had an official patrol man waiting for us on shore at one end and a patrol car on the other end. WE WERE SURROUNDED! Ryan pointed out to me that EVERYONE on or near the lake was staring at us. 

"Children, see those criminals out there.. swimming past the buoys.. Don't be like them.. Go to college.. be good."  =] 

As we reached the buoys, gangsta Joe Joe and X began shouting loudly "OHHH Ryan and Lindsey.. YOU IN TROUBLE! The PO-PO is here! Ohhh!" As soon as the patrol man shouted, "You two! Over here!", Joe Joe and X were out of there. "WE DON'T KNOW THEM.. NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE IN OUR LIVES!"

NOTICE: No one is swimming past the buoys.


We ashamedly drudged out of the pee colored lake/pondish thing and walked with the officer. It turns out that  there were a few signs saying not to cross the buoy line. Go figure, huh?  We were informed that people who usually try crossing the lake are drunk or stoned. Haha.. Good to know that Ryan and I can find joy and pure satisfaction in crossing the lake without stimulants. =] 

Since we were well behaved (and Ryan played the youth pastor card) the officer was extremely nice and we got out of our steep fine and having to leave the lake immediately. Instead we got written up and handed a warning. It was kind of weird with the officer because after all was said and done he lingered around and made small talk with us. He really didn't want to go back to work and it was obvious. 

Overall it was very fun and I'm glad that Ryan and I added some crime to our records. 

We are bad. Bad to the Bone. 

"He's out of survival methods already!" -Joe Joe